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Portage Race 2022

Entries to the 2022 Portage race in Picton are now open.

W1 – 10km

W2 – 10km

W6 – 20km

Single sex and mixed crew categories. No age divisions.

Entries should be made direct with the race organiser




If you want to use a club waka for this race please let Tony know at [email protected] once you have paid your race entry. Please include your race entry confirmation which you should receive by email from the organisers.


The allocation of waka to crews that have entered the race will be done on 1st May. Hopefully we can get all crews to agree on who gets what but if not it will come down to a coin toss. If we are oversubscribed we will try to access waka from other clubs. It is possible to enter after 1st May but this causes major headaches for us, so if you are serious about doing the race please get your entries in as soon as possible.


Below are the crews who have paid and requested a waka ahead of the allocation date on 1st May

Tuhirangi : Hine Tahi 

Mangoripi : NMW


Nga Iti Tangata : Kotahitanga

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