Paddling Routes & Distances

Zoe holdinh waka on the Boulder Bank in Nelson

Paddling Routes & Distances

Here are some common routes in and around Nelson Haven and Tasman Bay. The distances are approximate as there are always some changes in route for weather, current and wind. The distances are for the whole route (there and back). If you have mapped routes and distances that aren't listed can you please let us know.

Marina to Shag Tree - 6.5km

Marina & around Haulashore - 7.5km

Marina up River to Bridge - 5.8km

Marina to Red Pole - 7 km

Marina to 2nd Buoy - 10.75km

Marina 2nd buoy & Haulashore - 12.5km

Maina, Cardinal, Schnapper Point - 25km

Marina Cardinal Marker Beach Buoy - 16km

Marina around Oyster Island - 15.25km

Around Rabbit Island - 20.75km

Around Peppin Island - 12.50km

Marina Rabbit Island return - 20km

Tahunanui Beach round Rabbit Island - 30.35km

Marina to Cable Bay Return - 44km

Kaiteretere to Nelson Marina - 36km

Kaiteretere to Split Apple Rock - 5.5km