Maitahi Apparel

Waka Ama NZ< Long Distance Nationals 2016, Maithai Masters crew

Maitahi Apparel

Singlet Back


Long sleeve front

Long sleeve shirt


Sports bag

Short sleeve front

Short sleeve shirt

Hoodie front

Unisex Hoodie

Order Club Racing Apparel

Maitahi has club T shirts, long sleeve shirts,singlets, unisex hoodies & shorts, sports bag and beanie available directly from Kapinua. All race wear is  a good quality wicking material.

You can order at any time & the price reduces if more is ordered at one time.


How to Order and Pay

To order and pay for your Maitahi apparel please go to the MOCC Club Page on the Kapinua website where you can choose the size and see the size charts.

Delivery: will be to the address you put on the order.

Postage is additional.

Orders can be put in at any time for any quantity.