Waka Racing

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Waka Racing

Waka Racing

Waka racing is for everyone.

You do not need to be an experienced paddler, a super fit athlete or even be particularly competitive to get a huge amount of satisfaction and enjoyment from racing.

For many crews racing is often as much about the journey to the start line as what happens when you get there. Whether you are aiming for podium honours, getting fit, completing a distance or mainly enjoying the social side of the race meet, there is something for you.

Of course, if you are a super competitive paddler looking to go to the World Championships, we will also support you !

If you want to get in a race crew or have any further questions about racing, either email [email protected] or call Tony Davies on 021 169 6987

Club Waka Allocation

There are a few occasions, normally local races, where we have more crews requesting use of club waka than we can provide with our fleet of canoes.

For races where this is a possibility, we will publish a date for crews or individuals to register interest in using a club waka and after which they can pay their entry fees (either to the race organisers or through the club for sanctioned races). This gives you a chance to get organised & train and gives us a chance to assess the level of demand. If you prefer a specific waka you can request one (though there is no guarantee you will get it !)

There will then be a later published date where we will allocate waka to crews that have registered interest and paid. If we are oversubscribed and no arrangement can be made between crews, we will use the simple   method of a coin toss to decide who gets waka. This does not preclude late entries, but it makes it less likely that you will be able to get a club waka. This process will be open and transparent and we hope you will bear with us as we refine it to make it as fair as possible.

Where we cannot satisfy the demand by club members for waka, the club will endeavour to access, hire and pay for other waka that might be available, at no additional cost to the crew.

We recognise that, for various reasons, crews sometimes contain non-club members. In those instances we will ask for a pro-rata payment to cover their portion of the hire. This may also apply to non-club members racing in club waka. At current hire rates this equates to $25 per paddler.

You can find a full description of the waka allocation policy here. Allocation of club waka for races

Racing Age Categories

Midget: 6-10 years
Intermediate: 6-13 years
J16: 11-16 years
J19: 14-19 years
Under 23: 16-23
Premier: 14+
Masters: 40+
Senior Masters: 50+
Golden Masters: 60+
Masters 70: 70+

Waka Ama Events Calendar


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