Finals Day at Sprint Nationals

A short report today and apologies for the lack of photos but the phone didn’t really come out all day. A beer and dinner beckon for the whole Maitahi contingent. And what a contingent they are. Krakenz 60 were on the water early at 09.30 for their 1000m turns Final. They started in Lane 6 and that’s the position they finished in with a much improved time of 5.33, missing out on 5th by 6/100ths of a second and a medal position by less than 5.5 seconds. But from the reception we received on leaving the waka you would have thought we had won gold and the Lotto !

In what seemed a very brief turnaround we were back out for the 500m race. In between Carol Hunter had paddled the Golden Master(60) 500m final with her Whangarei crew but unfortunately had a DQ on the start. No such issues for Krakenz 60 but we agreed afterwards that we felt a bit spent in the race. The waka felt a bit ragged but a little bit of mongrel came out in the team and we finished in 2.11 to take 8th place.

We enjoyed sharing the TWOA tent all week with our friends from Christchurch and Dunedin and received a great deal of support from them.

And that’s about it. Anyone who has enjoyed reading about our adventure should consider writing themselves into the story next year. None of this is beyond the reach of any club member.Thanks for all the support and don’t forget it’s Lake race time in just a few weeks !

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