‘Golden women’ heading to Tahiti for world sprints

You can still compete internationally into your 60’s and 70’s!

2018 IVF Va’a (Waka Ama) World Club Sprint Championships, Tahiti

Two of our club members are heading to the 2018 IVF Va’a (Waka Ama) World Club Sprint Championships in Tahiti on the 16th to 26th July 2018
 as part of a W6 crew in the Golden Masters Womens division (60 to 70 years).

Rongomai and Jan are part of the crew Tahu nui a Rangi (named for the Southern Lights or Aurora). This crew was pulled together by Francie Piacun from the Wakatipu Waka Ama Club, Queenstown in the Te Waka O Aoraki (South Island) region. Our crew is spread from North Cape to the Bluff because it is a challenge to get paddlers in our age group willing to commit to the training regime and the costs associated with racing at this level.

Jan and Rongomai’s story:

What are waka ama sprints?

Waka ama sprints in our grade consist of a 500m straight dash, going as fast as you can keeping within your lane (so as straight as you can) and a 1000m race. The 1000m is 4 x a 250m course with 180 degree turns around buoys at each end (3 turns). The turns win or loose the race. Its very fast and all over in 5 – 6 minutes. It requires very specific training both on and off the water. I have been amazed at how much stronger I am having really stepped up my training this year.

To find out more about this crew and their journey check out Competing at World Sprints, Tahiti, 2018

Nelson will be well represented at worlds

There are 2 other crews attending World Sprints, (Katchea Whea W6 masters womens and VO2 W6 masters mens both from Whakatū Marea Waka Ama Club) and Kereama Payn who is paddling in the senior masters mens singles.

Turning in the W6 womens waka ama sprint 1000m

Thank you to:

Sports Nelson Tasman Trust logo“Thank you to Sports Nelson Tasman Trust for my grants for accommodation, race fees and boot camp. ”
Jan Blythe

Its never too early or too late to start paddling waka ama

We always welcome new members to the Maitahi Outrigger Canoe Club.
We have social and racing waka ama crews catering for a wide variety of ages and abilities.