Maitahi OCC Sprint Programme 2022/23

Sprint Nationals takes place at Lake Karāpiro from 15th-21st January 2023

As interest in sprints continues to grow at the club, we are starting a sprint programme for women’s and men’s crews that will run from mid-October through to competition in mid January ( approximately 13 weeks).

Using knowledge gained by club members at previous nationals and world events we will, once we have discovered the level of interest, organise one separate structured midweek paddle session per week for men’s and women’s crews. There will be an additional joint men’s and women’s session (probably every 3-4 weeks) at Best Island to work on turns.

The weekly organised session will include :

  • Race protocols from marshalling through to start and finish lines
  • Race process – start, middle and finish !
  • Blending of team stroke technique
  • Seat positions and responsibilities
  • Interval sessions – short, sharp and hard out 
  • Turns – basic turn process to be practised at Best Island

Crews, once formed, will be able to organise additional training nights/weekends to work on what we do in the weekly organised sessions. The level of commitment you agree on will need to be sustainable over the whole training period. Those crews wishing to add an off-water/gym element to their training programme will also be given advice on what to do safely. 

By the time you arrive at Lake Karāpiro in January you should have all the tools to compete. 2023 is not a World Championship qualifying year so it’s the perfect time to dip your toes in the water, perhaps with a view to qualifying for the next sprint WC in Hawaii in 2024. This is not an unrealistic goal for any individual or crew who is committed to their training programme.

The initial meeting will be at the marina next Wednesday 28th at 6.30pm. If you cannot make that time but are interested contact Tony at [email protected]

Its never too early or too late to start paddling waka ama

We always welcome new members to the Maitahi Outrigger Canoe Club.
We have social and racing waka ama crews catering for a wide variety of ages and abilities.