Tuia 250

Had a heartwarming and once in a lifetime opportunity last weekend in Picton at the Tuia250. Thanks to Jeff for organising and my fellow crew from Maitahi, we got to paddle amongst the flotilla of over 100 boats. Leading the way was the coastguard with a full on water cannon, then the Spirit of Adventure, the replica of the Endeavour and two ocean voyaging waka.

The Haunui based in Auckland and the other from Tahiti, sailing 22 days to reach Aotearoa under celestial navigation. It felt ancient, spontaneous tears and goosebumps.

Fa’afaite, who sailed from Tahiti to the East Coast of NZ in 22 days. They struck very bad weather in the Kermadec Islands, and a sailor from the Marquesas learned about hail for the first time – they don’t have a word for it there…

Its never too early or too late to start paddling waka ama

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