World Sprint Championships – Day 2

First of all an admission : we (Krakenz) didn’t go to Dorney at all today. The heat at the race venue is pretty oppressive so we decided to save a bit of energy and just do our final training session at Henley. That meant we weren’t on site to congratulate Jan Blythe on a brilliant paddle in her V1 500 repechage race in the Master 70 category. She came in 4th place, missing out on a spot in the final but was only 1.5 seconds behind the winner in a blanket finish. A superb performance as evidenced by Jan’s beaming face when she rocked up at Henley later in the day.

Jan enjoying a rare moment of relaxation after her race

The eagle-eyed amongst you, well actually anyone without a working labrador to take them to the supermarket, will have spotted another familiar face in the photo. Not Zoe or Jason or whoever owns the hand but our own Julie Marriott who paid a visit during her holiday and managed to get out on the water.

Krakenz had a double training session down on the river, our last before the real action begins for us on Day 3. Food has been a very central part of life in our mansion in Maidenhead. Jason Daughtrey, a professionally trained chef, cuts onions, garlic and other stuff just like the chefs on the TV. Really quick, all the chopped bits the same size and no blood to be seen. Delicious lasagne and salad tonight. He does, however, seem to think that the chef doesn’t wash up as well. What a notion.

Apropos nothing to do with waka, we bought a huge block of mature cheddar in Waitrose for about $8 today but all the Brits are complaining about the prices ! One slight concern is that the crew seems to have become addicted to Sensations Coriander & Lime Mini Popadoms. Shane and Tony fortunately missed all the phone messages demanding resupply packets while doing the shopping. We also forgot the toilet paper but that’s another story.

So that’s it for a very touristy Day 2. Tomorrow sees Jeff Neilson and Pete Bywater in action in the V12 500m Master 60 final. They will be in Horouta yellow vests. Greg Buck is also in that race paddling for Aratika. Race starts 15.38 UK/ 02.38NZ (Saturday)

Jan Blythe goes again in the V12 500m Master 70 Final at 14.13UK/01.13 NZ (Saturday)

Best of luck to all of you and fingers crossed that Maitahi paddlers can grab a medal.

Its never too early or too late to start paddling waka ama

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