WTT Alternative Paddle

Saturday 13th November – Nelson marina

A number of Maitahi crews were hoping to head to Kaiteretere for Waka te Tasman, so it’s disappointing that we won’t get to race there.

We have had a range of suggestions as to what we might offer as an alternative to try and turn bad news into a good day. To try and balance effort and reward we have decided to go with something that doesn’t require us to load and transport waka.

We will have a club paddle over to Moturoa-Rabbit Island and back. One of our waka will be gifted to a crew from Wellington in recognition of the fact that they are still making the trip over the ditch and they had booked a Maitahi canoe for their race.

To make the paddle available to as many club members as possible, particularly those who do not want to paddle 22km (with a nice break in the middle), we will offer a return trip and a one way trip. There will be some minor logistics involved in swapping paddlers over at Moturoa-Rabbit Island. Please accept the relevant invitation on Teamer, either RI Single or RI Return.

Depending on the numbers, we will either have a BBQ over at the half way point or have one when we get back to the marina.

If the weather makes the trip too difficult, but we can still get out a bit closer to home, we will still head out but make Tahunanui our half way point.

I know some club members really wanted us to head over to Kaiteretere, and the idea of paddling up into the park is a great one, so watch this space for an organised trip to do just that before too long.

Its never too early or too late to start paddling waka ama

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