Tuna e Hoe Ana – update

After lengthy discussions the committee has decided to proceed with TEHA under the Covid Protection Framework rules. The event will look a bit different this year but hopefully retain its sense of fun and camaraderie. Finding all the relevant information from the myriad sources has been challenging but we are confident that we can continue to plan and deliver the event under the current rules.

The increased administration on the race days will require every club member who can to offer their services as a volunteer. Below is the email that was sent to all our entrants and team organisers today : it outlines the key differences in how the races and dinner will be organised.

Dear Tuna e Hoe Ana entrants team organisers

First the good news :  we are still planning to hold our race at Lake Rotoiti on 11th-12th February and we hope to see you all there. The bad news is this is quite a long email, so good luck !

There is obviously still a lot that can happen between now and then with changes to Government regulations within the Covid Protection Framework (CPF) but our intention remains to deliver the race if possible. We will  keep you informed of any ongoing rule changes that affect your participation.

The race will be run using the ‘defined area/defined space’ for events protocol in the CPF. This effectively means that each race (women, men, mixed etc) will be treated as a separate operation with fewer than 100 MVP checked participants in the defined race and registration areas at any time.

This will require a lot of co-operation from our entrants and anyone accompanying them. What this means in practice is :


We will have contact tracing QR codes and manual sign in available at locations around the event area. We will have one at registration and ask that all participants sign in or scan there. This will include those accompanying crews who have booked dinner tickets.


Registration will be conducted in blocks of racers according to the schedule at the bottom of this email. You will have to go through registration EACH time you are racing. So, if you have raced in singles or doubles on Friday, you will still need to go to registration for a men’s, women’s or mixed race on Saturday where you are part of the crew. Similarly, if you have raced in the women’s or men’s race you will still need to go back to registration for the mixed or novice race.

The first time you go to registration you will have your Vaccine Pass checked and be issued with an event wristband. On any second or third visits to registration you will only need to have your name checked and show your wristband. Please keep your wristbands on throughout the event, including the dinner

Registration is going to be more time consuming than in the past so we ask that you do not leave it to the last minute to turn up before your race. 


There will be a clearly defined race area, marked with cones, on the foreshore/waka launch area. This area will always have fewer than 100 entrants and volunteers at any time.

During the entire duration of the races in any category (i.e the sprint, 7.5km & 5km) we will marshal this ‘defined space’ to ensure that other participants do not enter. The only exception will be for short prize giving ceremonies during the day while the space is either empty between races or the waka are out on the water. 

When the races are finished we will clear that area in preparation for the next race category. Once your races have finished and you have cleared the area you will become an event spectator and will need to follow the rules for spectators.


While the event organisers have no direct control over the actions of spectators, particularly as the race is being held in a National Park, we do not have exclusive use and there will be members of the public present, we have to show best practice in trying to keep spectators and participants separated.

In practice this means that we will ask clubs to stick to bubbles when spectating and comply with government mask wearing requirements.

We will clearly mark the event ‘defined spaces’ and marshal these, as well as keeping everyone informed throughout the day. We are having to tread a fine line between maintaining the integrity and safety of the event and respecting the fact that we are in a public space. We can only do this with the co-operation of our paddling whanau.


Our prize giving ceremony is an integral part of Tuna e Hoe Ana and while we cannot conduct a single overall ceremony we still wish to recognise the achievements of our paddlers.

Prize giving ceremonies will be announced throughout the day and take place in the race area defined space when numbers can be maintained below 100. They will generally follow within an hour of the completion of races.


The dinner will still take place at Rotoiti Hall in two separate defined spaces of the building. The main part of the hall will seat up to 100 diners and the foyer section will take around 80. If we have more than that signed up for the dinner we have two options : al fresco dining outside the hall for another group if the weather is fine or another dining venue at Red Deer Lodge, a few minutes walk away.

Event wrist bands will be required for entry to the hall. 

Entry and exit to each area at the hall will be separated and the only shared space will be the toilets which can be accessed without passing through the other defined space.

The meals will still be supplied by our excellent caterers, Kudos, but will be served in bio-degradable  bio-cane containers. The meals will be at the table on arrival so there will be no queuing. We will arrange tables by club to maintain bubbles as far as possible within the defined spaces.


We understand that in these uncertain times some people may not want to travel or participate in the race. We are therefore offering full refunds for any individuals or crews withdrawing from the event before 31st January.

We are also closing any entries after that date. If you have not entered and paid before 31st January we will not accept your entry to the event. At the best of times late entries make life difficult but this year’s race makes them virtually impossible to deal with.

From 1st February, if we are forced to cancel the event we will offer a full refund of all waka hire charges and a full or part refund of entry fees depending on the level of commitment we have had to make to suppliers.


The registration and race schedule below may have to be amended on the day if we have over-runs but this is what we are working towards. Registration for races will generally open 15 minutes after the previous race has begun.



3:00pm onwards         Registrations for W1, W2 and SUP races  & Volunteers – all competitors must register and pick up race numbers.

Event 1:           SUP Women 5km; W1 Novice Women 5km; W1 Women, W2 Women, W2 Mixed 10km

3.30pm                        Waka and equipment inspected – all participants must be checked by safety inspectors

3.45pm                        Karakia and race briefing

4.00pm                        Race start 

Event 2:           W1 & W2 Int & J16 (all grades) 2km

4.45pm                        Waka and equipment inspected – all participants must be checked by safety inspectors

5.00pm                        Race briefing

5.15pm                        Race start 

Event 3:           W1 & W2 J19 (all grades) 5km; SUP Men 5km; W1 Novice Men 5km; W1 Men, W2 Men 10km

5.30pm                        Waka and equipment inspected – all participants must be checked by safety inspectors

5.45pm                        Race briefing

6.00pm                        Race start (finish by ~7:00pm)


6.30-7.30 am              Registrations for W6 Women & Volunteers

Event 4: W6 Women 500m Sprint, 7.5km, 5km

7:30am                        Waka and equipment inspected – all crews must be checked by safety inspectors

7.45am                        Karakia and race briefing

8.00am                        Race start 

08.15-9.30 am            Registrations for W6 Men

Event 5  W6 Men 500m Sprint, 7.5km, 5km

9:30am                        Waka and equipment inspected – all crews must be checked by safety inspectors

9.45am                        Race briefing

10.00am                      Race start 

10.15-11.30 am          Registrations for W6 Rangatahi & Novice

Event 6: W6 Rangatahi (J16, J19) & W6 Novice 10km, W6 Rangatahi (Int) 2km

11.30am                      Waka and equipment inspected – all crews must be checked by safety inspectors

1145am                       Race briefing

12.00pm                      Race start

12.15-1.30 pm            Registrations for W6 Mixed

Event 6: W6 Mixed 500m Sprint, 7.5km, 5km

1.30pm                        Waka and equipment inspected – all crews must be checked by safety inspectors

1.45pm                        Race briefing

2.00pm                        Race start 


5.30pm                        Dinner, Lake Rotoiti Community Hall, Main Road St Arnaud village  – BYO beverages – no bar!

Well done if you have got this far ! Any questions please feel free to call or email me.


021 1696987

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