Waka Confirmation for Waka Te Tasman

The payment date opened today for entries to Waka Te Tasman and we have already had a number of crews get their entry fee and information to us. Those crews have been able to confirm their club waka and you can see who is racing in each canoe on the WTT Race page. We will add confirmations as and when payments and information are received.

If any other crews are intending racing at WTT it would be enormously helpful if you let us know of your intention. We have paddling whanau from other clubs asking to hire waka and it is unfair to keep them hanging on until the last minute to know whether they have a waka to race in. If we do not get any further notice of interest, we will release waka to other clubs on October 10th.

The allocation system worked reasonably well, though it needs a bit of fine tuning. A couple of crews went a bit early and paid before the opening date and another changed their preference, which meant two crews asking to use a waka at the same time. That was amicably resolved in the true spirit of the club.

We will make a couple of amendments to the policy to simplify what happens with early payments and more than one crew wanting the same waka but thanks for bearing with us while we work through this.

Its never too early or too late to start paddling waka ama

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